In September we had the visit of Sungrow head quarter employees to itialuS FLS Consulting office at Santiago.
Sungrow Power Supply is a Chinese Corporation whose main business is solar energy supplies which has installed more than 269 GW around the world (1GW equals 1.000.000 vatios).
The company was founded by the university teacher Cao Renxian.
Sungrow is leade on research and development of a variety of products offering photovoltaic solutions and energy storage. Focus on high demand businesses: industrial, commercial and civil areas.
Sungrow is leader on solar energy and it has a dynamic team on development and solar research solutions that involve around 3.000 professionals

Jack Je y Claudia Mendez

Sungrow is a three years customer of itialuS FLS. itialus FLS shared local business opportunities, tax knowledge and the level of service from our Consultant company.