Our Clients

We attend a wide variety of companies both nationals and internationals of different sectors.

International Clients

We take very seriously the quick response to the head offices due to time differences and the challenge of managing remotely. For that we have technical staff and bilingual employees prepared to take on the challenge.

Our clients are from countries such as Canada, United States, Germany, Spain and Brazil. The main industries of these companies are related to the product manufacturing, importation and exportation of goods from and to abroad as well as maintenance services to productive enterprises.

National Clients

We know the importance of the communication and the provision of a personalized service so we do recurrent visits to the offices of our clients.

The main sectors of these companies are related to development of technologies, construction, supermarkets, agricultural sector and different investors.

Av. Raúl Labbé 12613, Lo Barnechea, Chile

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