We are FLS, a society founded in 1995 in order to advise foreign companies to set up their operations in Chile and also, we advise national business owners that wish a personalized and highly specialized service.

Since the beginnings of the company, our services have been focused on financial, tax advice and advice on Human Resources.

With respect to the financial advice, we take on support our clients in decision-making related to the logistics of their business, such as:

  • Accounting software implementation
  • Process reengineering
  • Company acquisition
  • Design of legal, tax and financial structures to support growth

In recent years, the demand for financial services has been focused on the implementation of the IFRS and US GAAP standards, interpretation of tax laws and submission of documents of contractors to the Ministry of Public Works.

Av. Raúl Labbé 12613, Lo Barnechea, Chile

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